The Norseman Techni-Plant is a double disc opener precision planter engineered for Australian conditions. Narrow disc angle, robust and innovative design and factory fitted metering, monitoring and control from Precision Planting Inc. make the Norseman Techni-Plant a pleasure to operate.

In 2006, we released the first of our Techni-Plant broadacre series of precision planters. Based on our successful Australian made Techni-Plant row unit the Broadacre series of planters provides the opportunity to precision plant both summer and winter crops on a broadacre scale with one dual purpose machine.


Super whippers are a rugged row cleaner solution that have a floating mechanism like nothing else on the market.

Floating on a suspended parallel linkage, the speed of the tractor constantly maintains perfect ground engagement without the need for treader wheels.

Super whippers require zero maintanance. In the life of this product we have never sold a bearing as a spare part.

Designed to eliminate seed bounce these Seed rebounders simply zip tie to the back of your seed tube making sure the seed stays at the bottom of the seed trench.

Use in conjunction with our tank packages for liquid innoculant or fertiliser injection.

Side dress liquid or granular fertiliser at planting time or retrofit to an existing parallelogram tyne planter.

Uses all the same wearing parts as our Techni-plant row unit meaning you only have to carry one box of spare parts.

Starter fertiliser tubes are available to suit Norseman, Kinze and John Deere Planter row units.

They place small quantities of starter fertiliser into the seed trench in front of the seed.

Mounted at the front of the row unit Norseman starter fertiliser tubes provide vertical fall for bar mounted fertiliser boxes and for airseeder systems remove any risk of disturbing seed placement.

Precision Planting Equipment - image STARTER-FERTILISER-TUBES-2 on https://norsemanmachinery.com

Perfect for cutting through zero till sugar cane thrash

Precision Planter Solutions bushing kits are designed to make old and worn parallel arms stronger and like new again. Also available to press wheel arms.Precision Planting Equipment - image PPS-bushing-kit-disassembled-225x300 on https://norsemanmachinery.com                   Precision Planting Equipment - image PPS-Bushing-kit-assembled-225x300 on https://norsemanmachinery.com

Dual 200L or 400L tanks mounted forward for the bar are perfect for water injection of fertiliser or innoculant or just adding to nose tank capacity.

Low slung design makes for easy and safe filling and keeps weight close to the tractor.

Add capacity for those big seed, big rate crops like Soybeans and Chickpeas while keeping the extra weight close to the tractor.


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